1970 Thunderhawk 1400 https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/ 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 0. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203969265 203969265 1. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Here is my 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 boat which I used at Grand Lake, an 8 mile long, 5,660 acre lake in Presque Isle County 20 miles north of Alpena, Michigan. This cathedral tri-hull boat is 13 feet 3 inches long and weighs about 525 pounds excluding the motor. Beam is 63 inches and transom height is 18-3/4 inches. Thunderhawk's line of boats was handled by Federal's in Detroit which had recently acquired Tiedtke's here in Toledo, Ohio where I bought the boat new. Since they did not stock the 1400 model, I picked the boat up at the factory which from their mailing address I thought to be in Dawson, Georgia. Asking around in Dawson to find the factory, a local resident directed me to another town, possibly Rebecca, some distance from Dawson. The trailer, which traveled behind me from Ohio to Georgia and back, is a Little Dude model 948 modified by adding an extra leaf in the springs, a 61.5 inch track width, 1-1/4 inch square, solid steel axle, electric brakes, and a few other enhancements. Originally weighing 240 pounds it is probably now close to 300 pounds. The trailer dolly is homemade. When viewing in the slideshow mode press the [Tab] key to toggle this text window On/Off. You may have to click on the text window to enable the toggle function. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909453 203909453 2. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 A nameplate and logo are found on each side of the boat. Thunderhawk Ltd. was in business manufacturing boats at least as early as 1966 and probably earlier. The owner was Oscar C. "Jack" Boedeker. His wife, Edith Lois (Williams) Boedeker, was the front office secretary. As I remember it, the company was a small operation with few employees. The single story building found just outside of town was maybe 50 to 100 feet in dimensions with around 25 or so boats ready for delivery parked outside on a grassy lot to the left of the building. Their distributors included Federal's, a department store chain based in Detroit, Michigan, which filed for bankruptcy in 1972 and finally went out of business in 1980. It is also known that the Thunderhawk 1400 model, with extensive trim modifications, was rebadged as "Island Maid" for International Marine Corporstion, a boat distributor in Camilla, Georgia. Originally having a Rebecca, Georgia mailing address, Thunderhawk Ltd. of Dawson, Georgia formally ceased to exist on Friday, May 7, 1976. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909454 203909454 3. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Dash - Notice that it says "Thunderhawk 1400" on the nameplate. The "h" is not capitalized. On the left side of the steering wheel is an engine hour meter and a horn button. To the right are the light switch and the ignition switch. The bracket on the top of the dash is for a Bottom Line TBL 100 Series Fish Finder / Depth Sounder. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909455 203909455 4. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Seats - The two fold-down sleeper seats seat four people. The original upholstering is in like new condition. Click on the photo to enlarge. Then, look closely and you will see "THUNDERHAWK LTD" and the Thunderhawk logo impressed on the seatback. A fire extinguisher is located to the left of the front passenger seat. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909456 203909456 5. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Motor, Gas Tanks, and Battery Holder - The motor is a 1969 Chrysler 55HP Magnapower Outboard, model 5591, weighing 155 pounds. The gas tanks are 6 gallons each. Two step handles are mounted outside on the lower area of the transom, one on each side, which serve to help you get into the boat after a swim. One can be seen in the photo of the motor leg which follows. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909457 203909457 6. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Transom and Motor Leg - The transom height is 18-3/4 inches instead of the industry standard 20 to 22 inches, too high for a short shaft motor and too low for a long shaft motor. So, the 5 inch long motor leg spacer was shortened to 2-1/2 inches. Chrysler made a special length drive shaft for me. This positions the cavitation plate about 1/2 inch below the bottom of the keel at the transom as it should be for optimum performance. The prop is a Chrysler P273-265, 10-3/8 x 13-1/2, 3 blade, aluminum prop. With this prop, and two adults in the boat, the boat easily planes quickly and top speed is about 40 mph. I also have the original standard P293-265, 10-3/8 x 12-1/2, 3 blade, aluminum prop for it which might be more appropriate for pulling a skier. Additionally, I have a P290-265, 10-3/8 x 14-1/2, 3 blade, brass prop found on eBay which I am now too old to try. The step handle on the starboard side of the transom is visible in this photo behind this text window. When viewing in the slideshow mode press the [Tab] key to toggle the text window On/Off. You may have to click on the text window to enable the toggle function. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909485 203909485 7. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 Thunderhawk 1400 ID Plate - On the ID plate for this 1970 boat Thunderhawk's address is shown to be Dawson, Georgia. ID plates from earlier boats say Rebecca, Georgia. The ID plate says maximum horsepower is 65. The brochure says minimum horsepower is 10 but that is not going to satisfy you. At first I had a 20 horspower motor on the boat. It would plane fairly quickly with one person on board but was slow to plane with two people on board in the front seats. 35 horsepower is probably about the minimum size motor you would want to put on this boat. 55 horsepower is about the most you would want. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203909458 203909458 8. 1970 Thunderhawk 1400 For 1970 Thunderhawk offered 4 cathedral tri-hull outboard boat models: the Thunderhawk 1400 ski boat, and the Thundercloud 1500, Thunderchief 1600, and Thunderstorm 1800 bow-riders. https://www.glassicsonline.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=203972624 203972624