Aquabird (year unk) Aquabird (year unk) Just Purchased 1977 197716384 On the water After buying a 1959 Evinrude 50 hp v4 Seadrive. Had the input shaft shortened 6" and removed the spacer to cavitation plate would align with keel. Used the boat for approximately 3 years before damaging transom. 197716385 The Hull 1 of 2 After using the boat on an inlet near the Atlantic Ocean the transom (due to rotting) split badly. Decided to do a complete overhaul in 1983. 197716386 The Hull 2 of 2 Showing extent of damage to the fiberglass hull. The transom fell apart in my hands as I started to remove it. 197716387 Marking placement of the beams This boat originally did not have a floor. I decided to add stringers with PVC piping for drainage. 197716388 Beams placement 1 of 2 Each beam was cut and coated with 3 coats of Spar Urethane and fiberglassed in. 197716389 Beam placement 2 of 2 197716390 Deck with transom and bracing Used exterior grade plywood. Transom made out of 2 x 10 lumber that was lapjointed and glued with waterproof glue. 1/2" exterior grade plywood was glued/screwed on. Floor layed and bracing added. Everything was given 3 coats of Spar Urethane and fiberglassed in. 197716391 Complete Deck 1 of 2 197716392 Complete Dect 2 of 2 Cavities were filled completely with expandable foam for floation by a company in Baltimore, MD. 197716393 Transom Close up Note cavity in center for bilge pump. 197716394 Top removed and being stored 1 of 2 197716395 Top removed and being stored 2 of 2 197716396 Strengthening Top The top had a few cracks. All were repaired using fiberglass cloth and/or matting. 197716397 Top finished 197716398 Top placed on hull 197716399 Sanding top for new gel coat application 197716400 Transom pre-fiberglass cloth & gel coat 197716401 Top gel coated 197716402 Finished Transom 197716403 Finished Product While not visible the deck was finished with a two-toned royal blue marine carpet and the seat (lighter blue color) style built to be back-to-back typical of modern day boats as opposed to the bench that was original equipment. I used boat remaining summer of 1983 thru May 1985. Sold it in June 1985 after receiving delivery of a new custom ordered 1986 Regal Medallion 185 with 190 hp Mercruiser connected to a Alpha One outdrive. 197716404