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Tom G
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Hello everyone.  I'm brand new to this site and brand new to boat ownership.  My wife's family has had a house at a lake in New Jersey for many years.  For all of that time I've always wanted to get a fiberglass boat with a steering wheel and some comfortable seats rather than the rowboat we've had all these years with the 6hp outboard on the back.  One of our friends sons at the lake restores boats and located an MFG Niagara for sale not too far away and he's going to fix it up for me.   I'm not exactly sure what year it is but the serial number is 3584.  I'm getting the impression that it might be from around 1962? Does anyone know what year this boat was built.  The hull is solid but it needs paint and the seats need reupholstering.  6hp is the maximum allowed on the lake so we won't be going too fast but I'm really excited about crusing around in this boat. I'm sure its going to need a lot that i cant think of right now.   I got it with a trailer for $250.  I had this young man look it over and he pronounced it sound so I think I did pretty well.  I am a purist so I would really like to paint it in an original scheme and keep it as close as original looking as i can.  We'll see how it goes.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!  

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