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Here is the boat I refered to in my intro. I'm fixing up the broken "mounts" for the seats and buffing out the oxidized finish

The question mark is about the stated year of the boat on the pink slip. It says 1968, but if I go by the color for MFG (Tangerine) I come up with 1969. Odd.

Here you can see the "pillars (mounts?) for the seats. They seem to just sit on top of these. Three were broken off. I've got two glassed in, and getting ready to finish the two nearest the bow.

I'll provide more pics as this project progresses.

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steve g
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Wineslob,welcome to the site.Cool boat that one should clean up nice.As for the year it just may be a late in the year of 1968 with a new 1969 color, Keep up posted on progress .

Steve G

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