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Hi everyone. My name is Jerry Gilkeson. My wife Dottie and I live in Bloomington MN, and we have a couple old boats. I see a few old friends from other boards, and some new friends I haven't met yet.

I'm not sure what you can and can't do, but I don't like to read hieroglyphicsto post something. Here's a couple of my boats.

I think this one is sold. It's a 57 Larson All American


My "Hot Rod" Fifties Flash is a 58 Glastron FireFlite



My latest is a 73 Glastron GT160 with the dash moved back 18" metalflake gel-coat, and a 1500 Merc "shorty"



madden voyage after making King Neptune happy. Enjoy





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How do you post a picture?

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JERRY,: WELCOME, Good to see ya. The oldie Blue Glastron look familiar . AS the LONG deck Gt 160 , Did that come out of OKLA, with ole red.?? I wanted to get it or similar.. My son ,years ago had a CV-16 Purple in fla with a loaner 150 hp . . Last Fall neighbor offered a 78 CVX Nostril nose pkg, that another member bought.. Here is a pic & YES, can put the URL ADDRESS in body like you did above. OR copy that same URL Direct id into a smaller window , Upper LEFT corner will appear if you CLICK on the small header tool bar Blue Screen ,To the Left of Yellow HAPPY FACE.

PASTE address , click OK... A 2nd Pic may be added after the SUBMISSION, then go - back & EDIT post for 2nd pic URL address. .I know Clear as Mud, BUT thanks for posting. ..I like your camper , or Vintage trailer, they are popular for shows, rallys.

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Hi Jerry, good to see you here. I took the liberty of posting the pictures for you in your post above.


Like Larry said, little picture frame box up next to the smiley face when you are editing or creating a post. Put image code that you posted in the little pop up box and hit enter, You can add as many pictures as you want.


Also check out the photo gallery, very nice full screen slide show option and you can select and add multiple photos at one time by holding down control button and selecting as many as you want. I usually stick to about ten large files at a time, but you can post more at once if they are smaller. Tag your photos and you are all set.


Love the purple on the flash. :)



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I'll get it (old dogs / new tricks) Yep the GT160 came from red.

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Welcome Jerry, great to see you here!  Have you had a chance to do any more testing on the GT-160 Modified? 


Mark S

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I pulled the carbs off and ordered kits and a couple sets of jets. The center one was flooding. I've been trying to call the "artist" to finish, but he doesn't answer. the phone. I should have all the parts next week.

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