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I just purchased a 1976 open 19 ft MFG. I cannot find where the ID on  the hull is, in order that I can make a tracing for the registry. The metal plate with the id is unreadable.

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S.B.: WELCOME,,,everything after 1971 Has a Hull ID Number on the OUTSIDE, Upper RIGHT corner of the rear transom.. it will be engraved in the fiberglass about 1/3 inch high & 11 - 13 letters & numbers.. The LAST Two Digits are the year Build. .The 1st three letters are the Manufactures name code.. Yes sometimes built up with wax , or paint. a pencil tracing will make it more readable , or proof to D.M.V. . I have the Coast Guard file in my other pc, if you are id a mystery boat sometime. .. The middle set of numbers is like the date of design certification for that model.


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Copy of CG list is here on this site:


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