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I'm new at all this. I just found a 1965 (?) Pere Marquette 18ft(?) fiberglass boat with a 30hp Johnson Sea Horse motor on a trailer. The sellers asking price is $1,000. All are in good condition. I would like to know if this selling price is realistic.  What is the fair market value of such a boat. There is little I can find out about the Pere Marquette boat line.

NEED TO KNOW ASAP as this is on the open market and could sell anytime. :) 

Gary Sturdevant  (574) 261-1722   gsturdevant@sbcglobal.net

Thanks!!! :)

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Mr 88
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There is a little info on fiberglassics.com in there library,nothing on 1965. You may also try posting there for info.As far as fair market value,it's what the seller is asking and who is williing to pay his price.The seller may be in no hurry and have deep pockets as well.Is the transom floor and stringers in solid conditon? The motor by it self may fetch 200-500,the trailer 200. You might try offering 500-650 and end up settling at 750. Or stick with 500-650,give him your number tell him you are scouring Craigs list and if he does not sell it and you do not buy somethine maybe we can work something out then start walking.Now at this point,3 things may happen,he stops you and takes your offer.Someone else comes along and offers more.No one offers and he calls you back in 2-3 weeks.Do you like the lines of the boat,is 1000 a lot of money to you,what do you intend to do with the boat? There are a lot of variables in these older glassics,some go up value,some stay the same,and some are restored because the owner loves the look of it, he never recoups the money invested,but does not care about that.


Cool runnings................Mr 88

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