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I hope someone Knows who made this boat all the Title said is Brunswick ?

I am hopeing I find out before I am finished so I can put on the right Emblems..etc.

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I think I can help, albeit late. I ran into a similar issue with my Brunswick boat. Brunswick bought Larson in late 1961, owned them for a few years until Larson bought the line back. During that period of time Brunswick produced small runabouts under the Cutter, Owens and Larson.  As Brunswick was failing they utilized hulls and what not that they had.  The boat you are showing is very, very similar to my Brunswick that has a Larson Lapline sticker on the side.  While I have not been able to confirm year, my guess is that mine is a 1963, produced by Brunswick under the Larson name.  I have found just one boat, aside from yours, that looks similar.  One of the defining features is the top and specifically the raised side toward the back and the motor well.  So, I'd guess yours is a Larson as well, although Cutter boats, produced during the same time, look similar.  Hope this helps.

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