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Wow, I'm Speechless...


I can't say I've ever seen another restoration quite like this one.




I'd love to hear more about the restoration.


Looks like you're a "car guy"?

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The boat received a complete restoration from Larry McKay at Vintage Boat Works in Bakersfield Calif.

I never considered myself as a car guy, but, I am currently restoring a 1955 C300 Chrysler and a Chrysler New Yorker station wagon for the wife and kids to tow the boat. I also have 2 rare trailers that I am having restored. So I guess I am a transportation guy. San Diego does not have boat shows, so if the family wants to show the boat off, it is going to be at a car show. I restore Navy ships for a living.

I just bought a 1958 Glastron with hard top to be restored, so, 2 boats, 2 cars, 2 trailers, 5 kids, my wife would say I am a midlife crisis guy.

Thanks for the interest John

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