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Posts:67Wanted: Vintage Outboards to attend on-water Vintage Regattas in 2011

I sent out the following email to a few people I thought might have interest in bringing their outboards to Vintage Regattas in 2011. I failed to mention Scream & Fly as a possible communication media in this email (sorry!) but I hope we can create an interest and bring a focus to certain events to get this going. Please read the following and let us know what you think about getting together and make this a fun reality.

Thanks - Roger


Hello Everyone,

Everyone is rushing Christmas and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to initiate some communication about getting a group of Vintage Outboards together at various (on water) Vintage events in 2011. We had a pretty good outboard showing at Cross Lake and Clayton this year and it inspired me to try to organize a group of interested outboarders to attend some events in 2011.

Please let me know if you would rather not receive emails about this, and I will remove your address from the distribution. Also, I'm sure there are other people that you know who may have interest and I would like to receive their email address for future communication. I don't want to create another communication group as there are several that we can use to communicate on this subject. Three come to mind: APBA's Vintage Hydroplane site, Boat Racing Facts Forum, and Hydroracer's Forum. I think it would be best to use one of these, but I wanted to try to get something going via some emails. Please feel free to suggest a forum & category where we can continue this.

I'm going to attach the 2011 announcement for the Cross Lake Regatta as it is a good location and has excellent water conditions for outboards of most any size and speed. This is one event (assuming the sanction proceeds) that we could target for an outboard gathering in 2011. There surely are others - suggestions???


The proprietor of the Cross Lake Inn & Marina has invited the Vintage Raceboats back in 2011. The Cross Lake Vintage Raceboat Club is moving forward to making next years event even better. August 5th-7th, 2011 has been submitted to the Region 2 Chairman and will be proposed at the National meeting in January.

Daryle (Inn Proprietor)has stated the parking issue will be resolved to have the spectators parking on the grounds. The banquet hall will be again used as our host venue with the large grass area being utilized for watching the action on the water and listening to the land entertainment. A "BIG NAME" entertainer is being booked for listening and dancing pleasure.

We are currently looking into making this a charity event with a contribution to a local charity. Stay tuned for additional information.

Ricky "the crane man" Evans will be back with his polished equipment including his tricked out "hearse hauling" motorcycle and may even join us on the water with his flatbottom. His wife is still beaming from her skiff ride.

Butch is working on house projects now but has assured us he will have his motor issues worked out. His chiropractor says he can't ride with Ken Warby again though. LOL Just kidding.

SO, mark your calender and join us for another weekend of flat water, great entertainment and more Central New York hospitality from CROSS LAKE INN & MARINA and your friends from the CROSS LAKE VINTAGE RACEBOAT CLUB.

If you have any suggestions on improving our event or would like to assist in any way do not hesitate to contact either Butch at butch.dreher@gmail.com or myself at n36hydro@yahoo.com

Rick Shannon

Event Coordinator


I welcome your comments and suggestions. Have a great Thanksgiving and Holidays to come.


Roger Hinsdale e) hinsdale@bellsouth.net p) 423-452-0428

845 Dreamland Road

Spring City, TN 37381


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