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Arthur Roy Fisk Jr
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Hi all;

I am here to learn about my recently aquired mfg celeron boat in which the former owner said was a 63, but from what I have seen I think its older. now about me, I enjoy most anything classic and has a engine, I have a 57 cooper clipper lawn mower which i use regularly, a unknown age generator which lights my house when power goes out, old chainsaws, etc. By trade I am a millwright. I have 3 kids aged 7, 18, and 20. I am 49 years classical.

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A.R.F. : WELCOME.  CONRATS on a Sweet looking boat .  Seems too have wood on the top. Believe Crosby's switched over to full F.G. in the 57to 58 era.  Some times a rural dealer may have a unsold / un registered boat for a few years till a summer customer buys  & runs it . !  Also some states started their computer / title fees in that mid 60's time & older stuff was re tagged/ re labeled.  .Just part of the fun / history of the hobby .  Really need to gather as much info / pictures from the prior owner as possible. . Another source is write a e-mail to the County HISTORICAL SOCIETY where a boat hull was manufactured, can get bldg fire dates , local employee contacts, etc.

  . Again WELCOME , any other boats in running cond. ?

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