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I am still looking for a suitable outboard for my 14 foot 1959 Fiberglide runabout.


I have been told that I need a 25 to 50 HP, electric start, short shaft outboard with cable steering connections.

I have quickly discovered that a nice restored outboard will cost $500-PLUS and to ship an outboard anywhere is $100 to $200. So looking to spend as little as required for my first outboard I have found the pickings pretty slim!!


My question to the panel is this “Is there any make that stands head and shoulders above the rest – or any make I should avoid?” Is it better to look for an earlier year motor over an older – putting “looks” aside?

Is there any place to look for fair values for old motors?


So far all I have found is:

195? Evinrude Lark – 35hp for $450.00

1955 Johnson Model RDE - 25hp for $450.00

1961 Mercury 400 - 45hp for $365.00

1986 Evinrude - 110hp for $500.00

19?? Mariner - 25hp for $550.00

1953 Johnson - 35hp for $350.00


What are the hidden gotchas, that I am overlooking?




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I'm definitely no motor expert, but I know the Merc's are very dependable as long as they haven't been beaten to death.


I would try to stay with something in the general vintage of the boat. These old motors are very dependable as long as there is some basic maintenance performed on them. Impeller and proper storage.


As far as finding a motor, you will be much further ahead financially if you can find it local. Try the local Craig's list, contact any AOMCI Members in you area. Maybe you can pick up some leads from some online contacts from one of the message boards that you have posted on?


Good luck with it, let us know how you make out.



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I`m also no expert on old outboards but, yes I really think the engine should fit the the -59-61 years.

I`m restoring a couple of old mercs as my site shows.

Remember that I`m living in Sweden, not the most merc  country to look for parts.

Needs to order used parts all the time to forward the resto.

If you not are fitted whith four thumbs, why not restore one for your self?

The -61 merc for $300+ should be perfect for your boat, once restored ore shecked out.




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