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I was wondering, if there was a source for old boat value like NADA is for cars?


NADA has boat values but usually only going back to the late 1970s or early 1980s. :roll:


Is there some value information source for old fiberglass boats??



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Well there was a blue book of sorts floating around here somewhere...


It's basically an older guide pertaining to the glassics back in the day.


Nothing current as far as I know, but you can see from a broad history of transactions over the years that prices are definitely on the rise.


Factors such as uniqueness, quality of restoration, (or non- restoration for that matter) all have an effect.


For the most part, you're never going to get out of it money wise what you put into it time wise.


Unless, that is, you are restoring to order or you start with a new hull... 



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