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Arcadiainc here. Live in south central Georgia. Kinda a lonely lantern swing in the dark. I know of no one within 2-3 hours drive that collects antique/vintage boats/motors. Consequently my "collection" is rather eclectic.  The motors consist of Johnsons, Evinrudes and Mercurys. The boats go from canoes to off shore and includes a bass/bay boat and an open deck runabout along with the required 12 ft aluminum skiff. I tend to hang aroung the vintage stiff with only a few antiques. Can not turn a wrench however the wife says i can make them look good.   

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WELCOME NEIGHBOR: Just above you in Chattanooga, Tenn.  WOuld like to see more pics of shallow water boats & tillers.  Read more about your restorations.

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