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If anyone has any pertinent information that they would like to provide to the site, please sent it to me or post it in the Wiki page. I will post it/link it to the appropiate page.


Anyone have any prefferance of what they would like to see first in the resources section? I'll be adding more info soon. Any scans of original brochures or other information would be helpful.


I am also working on the graphics for the main page. I know it is generic for now, but I am working on it. Had to do a few things for one of my local sites first, and now that that is done I can get back to this one.


Any help at all would be appreciated.  


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I've got all sorts of interesting 'stuff', 1960's vintage boating brochures, books, etc- That I'll get some scans from. I've also got some old magazines with interesting articles- Things like "is the outbord motor here to stay"- I guess the idea DID stick :)



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