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Side-ways is a project I started about a month ago, simply started out with 12 boats that are unknow to any of us and put them in a calendar format, which then each and everyone of use can have a "Classic-boat-Calendar" that each one of us could have for free...



ok so how would I go about that, would I make this project and then save the file and wait for all who may be interested in it to send me an email requesting it, that to me sounds rather "to-much"....



here Is "Slide-ways", in it's BASIC FORM "baisic 2010 calendar"






when you go to my Google doc's page you will be able to view Slideways and download it for you can take it to have it printed at Kinkos (or someplace like it) it is handy to have a USB flash drive to save the file to, verses burning it to a disk




Now, why do I call it Slide-ways



as you get a feel for the layout, let's say you want a boat in the calendar, all's you have to do is send me an email with the picture you want to use of your boat and I will slide it in and slide the unknows out and if you have historical date information about your manufactureras to add, like when they started making boats in general let me know what they are and I will add them. Also I can add Make year and model and owners name to your pic with no problem if you wish.




anyways,as the calender get's updated...I will post an "update" to slideways with a link, where the other versions of it will also remain for download, this way everyone who helps slide the calendar will be able to download differnt updated versions of the canlander that has their boat in it.




not bad for free....I think



let me know what you all think, anyone, any boat can be in this.

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