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Ok a little about my self, which I would have to ask which "little" would any one want to know about?

Over the past few years I have beating some odds that where not in my favor, for which I traded in my steering wheel for my 18 wheeler for an cooking apron at home.

had some classic glass, a 59 Thunderbird papoose, a Dorsett and a Aristo Craft Funliner, where now I have been demoted in rank down to crew of a 197? Cobia Odyssey cabin cruiser which was tore up from the floor up and we have been rebuilding it (like I said I had to take some time off due to some medical problems).

If anyone wants to know any tricks about how to work this forum let me know, I can lend a hand in that....see the two blue arrows next to mr. smiley? click on those and your spelling editor on mozilla firefox will kick in for you can fix your type-o's!

I also manage like CC, two other websites, on for the NE and one for Rochester's Classic Glass, along with those Irons in my fire I all so make "collector boat cards" and "shifted-side ways" Calendars for groups.

I guess, I can say I been rereading some old emails about some bridges that got burned, with my medical problem comes a massive memory lost, for those who wanted me to apoligize for something back when (which I can honestly say I am clueless about) I will try to be the stand up guy and say give me a 2ed chance because I may have been a totale ass for no good reason, that's about all I can do.

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Aw, come on now Mark, you're a first rate guy and we all know it!


Mark S

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