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HAPPY VETERANs DAY : To all my boating friends , & new members here on the board. . Vietnam era ARMY here in East Tenn, wanting to put last weeks Texas events to rest.

 ..Rain in the Smoky mtns has made another rock slide road closure.. Be aware towards Thanksgiving of these dangers on windy roads..!

  .. We are leaving for Florida tomorrow with classic boat to deliver... If real lucky will be invited to see a Custom Craft Racer.! .Maybe even Santa will thin out his workshop. ?

 .. Seem to always miss the Florida ROAR & SOAR event that is held on I-4 between Tampa & Orlando .


 Vintage Hydros, Propeller WarBird Plane & Sports cars.    ..... Also near winter Haven  the AOMCI usually have a Lake SHIPP meet in NOv ..??

 .. Happy HOliday Everyone.  . Stay Safe.

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Have a good trip...


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I mean no disrespect but, how can any one expect a Veteran to have a "happy Veteran's day"

some one sent out a email a while back about all the cemetery that are over seas that are from WWI and WWII, what I just learned about them was rather amazing.


a pbs documentary about all the cemetery's for the United States only represent 40% of all the arm forces that had falling during WWI and WWII, the family's of the fallen where survey an 60% chooses to have their love one returned, the other 40% wished to have their love one buried on the soil that they where fighting for.


I watched the documentary in a new light, not only where there count less white cross, two belong to President Roosevelt's son, and his grandson (i think, not sure on the relationship of SR. and JR) but the term Brothers in arm's was represented in one cemetery with 22 standing statues of two men arm in arm for each set of brothers that died , for the Sullivan brothers there is five.


but as the video ran from on to the next cemetery I was a little set back with how huge they are and filled with white crosses, and that only represents 40% of the fallen.


Tonight, Genny and I had a little talk because she was upset because of a co-workers brother (who is a vet) was going around to all the places "thanking veteran's", she was upset because this person never served in a war so I asked her if she believed the veterans should be two tiered, those who where in a "war" and those who where not, and how are we to treat the ones that where ready at a moments notice to go to war in case a war did start, The moment a war is declared this veteran would go from a tier one Veteran, where when war was declared he would become a tier two, well this is where she put in her two cents about now "being a war" and when I was in where nothing that happen was ever an officially "war" related.

So I had to ask her, why does she think this is a declared war, and not like Vietnam which was a declared military action, which like many will say it is a twist on words, but I had to explain to her that the United States can not declare war on a "group" , rather only a "Country" giving this fine line like in Vietnam, I am sure we will be seeing many of the veterans returning to empty promises.

the one thing I would really like to see, is a deferential made between memorial day and veterans day, why is it everyone is going to the cemetarys on the day of the living veteran?

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