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Website Updates will be posted in the news and updates section.


Anyone that is interested in receiving an RSS feed can sign up for one on that page.


See something you like, or something you would like to see on the site?


 Drop me a line or post here and we'll see what we can do. I want you all to feel that this is your site.

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nj ron
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dave, whats a rss feed?

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Hey Ron, If you want to subscribe to receive "feeds" of the updates, basically updates of the updates, just click the little button at the bottom of the updates page.


It's the little red RSS button at the lower right of the page:



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Figured I'd post a little update here.


Been working on the outboard motor section, and if you've never seen this Mercury History series, it's really worth checking out.


Not sure if there is an OMC equivilant, but if there is, I'd be happy to post it here as well.



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OMC Photo HISTORIAN: Web link  for 78 ALBUMS is one of my Friends on Webshots.

 Almost every OMC mag ad published , race engines,/ action , modern E-tec stuff & HISTORY of Outboards... If there is more OMC stuff out there than L.N. ..... I would also be interested,,, but this will keep a reader busy for a few nights ..!


 ..........OMC Poster Ad HISTORY Book   http://rides.webshots.com/album/554868936nILOEN

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The Motors and Racing History Page is up.


Been working on it a little as time permits.


Let me know if you have any comments, and as always, if you have something to add contact us or add it yourself on our Wiki Page.


Still lots more to add.


Looking for any old boat history information.


I think I may have access to some old advertisements and possibly some brochures, so I'll post those as soon as I get a chance to follow up on that. It will be a slow process as I'll have to scan them all myself.



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