South KNOXVILLE,TN Spring SHOW South KNOXVILLE,TN Spring SHOW DUAL ROCKETs Fresh Blue paint 57 ROCKET,Feather Craft,, 56 GOLD 156401762 56 ROCKET GOLD 56 single seat Rocket Runabout 156401763 Sunset Camp Pollard creek campground 156401764 Sat SHOW 156401765 LINEUP Green Herters, Haynes FiberGlass 156401766 54 Vagabond 1958 Mark 58 MERC electric start 156401767 Polished Side Fresh trailer paint, nice tilt function 156401768 Bow Handle Late 50's Bow wing handle near bow burgee.. Small late 40's speedster For Sale, AlterScale Toy 156401769 Bow Row Lineup of late arrivals. Nice quality show, good mix. 156401770 FUTURE SCORE Another 54 Vagabond ,Farm sittin , late 40's Johnson PO-15 LONG Tiller.. Just outside show park. Left #. Good black trailer. 156401771 SHOW CHAIR HENRY CHAMPS Meet Director , one man band. Tn river cruise 10 mile marina lunch. 156403006 Sea Ray Plant Feather Craft Aluminum photo shoot in front of New Sea Ray mfg plant. 156403007 MiniFly Small late 40's speedster / racer 156403757 VAGII Blue ANodized Vagabond II 57 or 58 year. 156403758 Bow SPOT Nice Deck hardware & Windshield. Low 80's temps . $ 1 launch ramp park. 156403759